Our Coaches

Introducing our coaching staff for 2020:

Taylah Rowbottom - 7 Yrs Carebears
After two years as an assistant coach of the Capris, Taylah is taking charge of her own team.  A talented netballer, she hopes to pass her passion and love for the game onto the next generation of young netballers.

David Cadogan - 9 Yrs Unicorns
With his young daughter beginning her netball journey, David put his hand up to coach her team in 2019.  This sparked a passion in David for coaching. David believes that 2020 will be the year the Unicorns take off. 

  Amber Collits - 10yrs Raptors
Lauren Jukes - 11 Yrs Capris
Lauren is a life member of Waratah Netball Club and has been coaching our juniors for a number of years.  Currently she is coaching our 11 Capris who made it to the Preliminary final in 2019.  Prior to that she spent several years with our Cadet team, the Chipmunks. Lauren is passionate about helping young players develop their skills and love of Netball.
Lauren is also our Club Fundraising Coordinator.

Veronica Lange - 12 Yrs Goldies Coach
Veronica has loved Netball since she started playing Netball at 6 years of age. Veronica is new to coaching and this is her second year of coaching. Her philosophy for coaching is to help each player contribute to their full potential whilst fostering a love and passion for the game.
Ellie Stanley - 14Yrs Superstars Coach
Ellie is a Development Level Accredited Coach who has been coaching since she was 14 years old.  Starting with young juniors in Tamworth, Ellie has coached many teams over the years including assistant coaching Waratah’s Cadet team for two years before head coaching the Superstars for the past three years.  Ellie was excited to assist with coaching a senior team in 2019.  Ellie strives to develop her players skill levels and love of the game.

Jackie Jukes 
Jackie became the coach of the Spitfires 10 years ago when they were juniors. Since then she has enjoyed being part of their development as they progressed through intermediates, cadets and U21’s. She is now in her fourth year of coaching a Senior team, with the hopes of guiding them to as much success as she had with the Spitfires. With 17 years of coaching experience under her belt, she also provides advice and support in her role of Vice President. Jackie is also the first Club member to receive the Club Person of the Year award twice!!         In 2020, Jackie is coaching the A4 Avengers.

Jane Stoodley 
Jane has been coaching for over 10 years from junior teams through to Seniors.  She is an accredited Intermediate Level Coach with a passion for the game. Jane is also a Nationally Endorsed Provider of the Netball Australia Knee Program. Her coaching philosophy is reflected in her favourite quote (by Michael Jordan) “talent wins games but teamwork (and intelligence) wins championships.”
In 2020 Jane will be coaching the Inner Glow Waratah 23s and B3 Titans.

Nick Osborne
Nick joined the Club in 2003 as a coach for a new U7s team.  Since then he has coached almost continuously, and remains committed the Club mission of providing the best opportunity for our players. Nick is an accredited Intermediate Level coach and a National C-Grade umpire.  Nick also coaches for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and is the President of the ADF Netball Association.
In 2020, Nick is coaching the A2 Hornets, B5 Ravens and our Cadet team - the Spitfires.
Dwight Graham 
Dwight is an accredited Intermediate Level Coach as well as an NNA Representative Coach.  He joined Waratah Netball in 2017.  Dwight has a great passion for the game of Netball, starting his coaching many many moons ago when his own daughters started playing.
In 2020 Dwight will be coaching the A Cheetahs.