A-line dress
The A-line dress is the traditional uniform for netball. Players can also purchase Waratah shorties to wear underneath the uniform. These shorties also have "sticky legs" to keep the legs from riding up
Price: $62.00
Availability: Available Now

Boyleg Shorties
High waisted boyleg shorties that are worn underneath the A-line dress. Have "sticky legs" to avoid the pants riding up. Can also be ordered as normal waist and longer cut
Price: $40.00
Availability: Available Now

Normal waisted shorties

High waisted shorties

Tights that can be worn at training or on competition days as part of the uniform, either underneath the dress or with the playing singlet top. Lengths are either 3/4 or 7/8
Price: $53.00
Availability: Available Now

Long sleeve training shirt
Long sleeve training shirt option. Mens size options include loose fit or athletic fit
Price: $55.00
Availability: Available Now

Training shirt
Shirt for wear at training. Mens size options are loose fit or athletic fit.
Price: $41.00
Availability: Available Now

Training singlet
Training singlet for wear at training only. If you wish to play in a singlet you need to purchase the Playing Singlet.
Training singlets are provided free for new players (or players who do not already possess a training singlet) in the 21yrs teams and above.

For those who are not entitled to a free singlet, you can still order on line, and you will then be contacted by the Uniform Coord to arrange the payment of $45
Price: $0.01
Availability: Available Now

Playing Shorts
Playing shorts to be worn with the playing singlet. Can be used for training
Price: $49.00
Availability: Available Now

Playing singlet
A new option for competition days is the playing singlet to wear with the playing shorts. Our tights can be worn with the singlet for competition days.
Price: $50.00
Availability: Available Now

White dress shirt
Molycop is once again sponsoring Waratah Netball Club in seasons 2022/23!! The dress shirt is sponsored by Molycop and therefore free for Waratah Netball Club playing members. Can be worn as a training shirt option but must be worn on Saturdays over the playing uniform to and from the courts and for the warmup. Can also be worn as your umpiring shirt. Mens size options are loose fit or athletic fit. New Club members: please order and add this to your apparel for your delivery costs
Price: $0.01
Availability: Available Now

Coach/Manager/Committee shirt
For coaches, managers and committee position holders only. All coaches shirts will have Coach printed on the back. To be ordered via email at uniform@waratahnetball.asn.au. Ladies cut, mens sizing by request. Note: the ladies cut does "shrink" the shirt around the waist, so if you like looser shirts it is suggested to order a normal cut
Price: $1.00
Availability: Available Now